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Alexandra Pascalidou’s amazing career!


Alexandra Pascalidou

Alexandra Pascalidou was born to Greek parents in Romania but later moved to Sweden. There she is well-known TV personality, journalist, lecturer, blogger, documentary maker, and human rights activist.

Alexandra’s latest project has seen her publish a cookbook entitled, ‘My Big Fat Greek Cookbook.’

She has also released a documentary, “What is the problem with Greeks.” The documentary highlights the problems faced due to the economic crisis in Greece.

So, she is keeping herself very busy nowadays, but before her success, she faced many obstacles. She feels that her Hellenic background has kept her going and says “I thank my Greek roots and origin for almost everything” and “for my talent to reach people and become friends with anybody with no effort.”

She has had a remarkable career so far. The public first caught a glimpse of her in 1995, when she hosted a multicultural show called ‘Mosaik’ on SVT. She also hosted a Saturday night quiz show called ‘Som-Sagt’ from 2000 – 2001, and during this time she was the producer and reporter for a show, ‘Striptease,’ on investigative journalism.


Alexandra enjoying her busy lifestyle

During the years of 2004-2006, she lived in Greece, and there she hosted the Olympics in Athens, as well as her own Friday night show, ‘A Day with Alexandra Pascalidou.’ On her show, she focused on the lives of celebrities including Roberto Cavalli, Isabel Allende, Roger Moore and Madonna. Her schedule was tightly packed at this time, as she hosted a Greek morning television show too, which required three hours of live coverage a day. Alexandra continued to host for several other contests and shows for years.

Other than her work in the television industry, she now works as a columnist and freelancer for GP, Metro, and Expressen newspapers. Her blogs are also featured on ‘Metrobloggen’, and she delivers lectures on many relevant topics including diversity and the media. She has created her blog as well, on alexandrapascalidou.com.

Alexandra also finds time to be a philanthropist and human rights activist and supports causes such as women’s health, domestic violence, rights of mothers, and education. She lectures on human rights and is involved with some charity projects for children in Sweden.

She has also managed to publish five books, and two of these have already been translated into Greek. Of these two books, the one is entitled ‘Taxi,’ and is a non-fiction book which is composed of interviews with taxi drivers as far afield as Nairobi. The other is a memoir, ‘Beyond My Mom’s Street,’ which is all about growing up in a poor neighborhood in Sweden. This book has been praised as an inspiring piece of work and has been included in the Swedish secondary school reading curriculum.

Alexandra is proud of her heritage and says “I have Sweden in my heart, I have Greece in my heart, and I love Romania.”

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