Best of Greek films to be screened in Atlanta this coming November

“The Best of the NYC Greek Film Festival” will take place from November 6 to 8 at the Emory University campus in Atlanta. Guests have the chance to catch all the best new feature films to come out of Greece. For its second time running, the festival will attract cinema enthusiasts or anyone interested in today’s contemporary Greek Culture.

captureSeven Greek films will be screened over the course of three days and include those recently seen at the New York Greek Film Festival. Many of the movies were also recognized at the 2015 Hellenic Film Academy Awards receiving numerous awards.

Maria Mandekos Sharp, President of Lykion Ton Hellinidon which is a Greek-American organization responsible for organizing the festival said that there had been several times in the past few years where Greece has dominated the news headlines. The economic crisis has put Greece in the financial headlines and the incoming migrants from the Middle East have also put the country under tremendous strain.

Such circumstances often result in exceptional works of art reflecting the current situations, these films being no exception. They include drama, comedy, romance, documentaries and other short films. Most of the films are in Greek with English subtitles.

captureAmong the movies in the line-up, audiences can expect to see the romantic comedy, “Apo Erota;” “Kisses to the Children;” an interesting documentary which looks at the lives of Greek-Jewish children who were taken in by Christian families during World War II. “Stories of Love and Life,” is a series of short films, one of which stars the Oscar-winning actress, Olympia Dukakis. Another romantic comedy, “Committed” set in Cyprus and shot in English, will be screened too.

Screenings will take place at the Goodrich C. White Hall at Emory University.

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