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Empowering future Greek Americans

The relatively new Hellenic Hearts Foundation enjoyed the first fundraiser on 1st October. The event took place at Estia Restaurant. Around 120 Hellenes, Philhellenes and friends attended the event. Attendees were given a chance to meet and greet with many of the organization board members. Also, Tim Vlassopoulous and John Aivazoglou gave speeches addresses the organizations directions for the future and their ongoing key development platforms.

Similarly to many other Greek organizations in the Delaware Valley, they aim to award individuals with scholarship opportunities as well as giving money bursaries to those experiencing financial difficulties. The application process is near on identical to other established companies that often release such opportunities during holidays in spring. People of interest complete applications via a website or by filling out a hand-written form. Successful applicants attend their annual events and receive a check or equivalent, along with posing for a few pictures with the prize and board members. The whole process is a fantastic way to aid Hellenes.

However, founder Tim Vlassopoulos insists that Hellenic Hearts will not be like the rest. Aside from awarding scholarships, they will help those in need by setting up SAT training classes and mentoring them in the future. They will ensure that they make careful assessments as to where help is needed the most. The funding will be given to the people that are in need the most and to those who the money can be most beneficial for.

The flagship program is expected to be labeled the ‘Educational Program.’ The course is a great opportunity for kids to organize their careers and companies. They hope to offer both SAT programs and internships. The companies aim to set a standard for all other Greek organizations. Of course, developments are still in the early stages, and the results are yet to be seen.

On that night Hellenic Hearts announced Louie Karapanagiotides as their young shining star Director of the Education. He kick-started the night off by introducing himself to the fundraiser attendees. He spoke confidently about the organization’s visions. Karapanagiotides graduated from Wharton School with qualifications in coaching basketball and was also a member of the Upper Darby Greek community where he was raised. He explained that during his time as a basketball coach he listened carefully to his students’ conversations. He discovered that many students spoke about their uncertainty concerning their future and how to reach their goals. Overhearing such conversations sparked his interest in helping young men who were unsure when it came to their future. Since then, he has taken on the role of privately mentoring many of the young people, helping and giving them advice about their education and life in general. He was well aware of the gap when it comes to helping young people. So when John Aivazoglou and the Hellenic Hearts approached him to join them, he took the perfect opportunity to introduce his education outreach program. For now, people wait patiently to see the real success of the organization.

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