Greece backed as permanent Olympic Games host

CaptureGreece has been backed by International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde to be the permanent host of the Olympic Games, as long as some conditions are met. Last week during the Aspen Ideas Festival Lagarde made some comments concerning the idea.

The Vice President of Public Programs at Aspen Institute, named Kitty Boone, shared her ideas with the IMF’s managing director. Boone argued that Greece is in an economy disaster with massive debts. Besides, she believes Rio for the Olympic Games is a recipe for disaster. Boone suggests that the Olympic Games could permanently be held in their home, Athens. Doing so would give Greece’s economy and tourism a significant boost, and it would provide people with a single safe environment.

Lagarde labeled the suggestion a fantastic ‘out of the box’ idea and agreed that it would create demand, which would profoundly benefit the economic strains.

Lagarde highlighted that the main obstacle is how a single location would compete against the appeal of hosting the tournament in many different countries from all around the world.

The managing director also put forward the idea of installing a strong governing body that would be responsible for supervising the games. The panel would also ensure transparency and accountability preventing any illegal behavior from occurring. Largade believes under such conditions, Greece as a permanent home for the Olympic Games could be a good idea.

Greece and the Olympic games will always have a special connection. After all, the great marathon was first hosted in Greece. In fact, the Olympics are only known by its name because of Olympia, which still sits in Greece today. Olympia has hosted millions of extraordinary athletes through the years.

Given the mass of history that Greece and the Olympic Games have, is it such a bad idea to make the country the sports permanent home? Perhaps now it’s only an idea, but it tempts many Greeks and people from other nations. For now, people will have to wait and see what the future holds.

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