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Greek athlete, Alexi Pappas, one of the world’s fastest!

Ekran AlıntısıAlexi Pappas is currently one of the world’s fastest runners and is scheduled to represent Greece at the Summer Olympics, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro this year. In June, Pappas attended the Los Angeles Film Festival for the premiere of ‘Tracktown’, which was yet another proud event for her. Pappas not only co-wrote and co-directed the film but also played the leading role of Plumb Marigold. The story sees a young woman named Plumb chase her dreams as she strives towards reaching her dream of qualifying for the Olympics.

Although the film is not an autobiography as such, Pappas said that the script was based on many of her experiences she has had as a runner while she was trying to pursue her dream to run at the Olympics.

The scene on the track, framed some of the characters’ body parts only, for instance, the athletes’ legs and the mouths of the people around her. She used these scenes to allow the audience to grasp what it felt like for the character who was running the race, and in this way, they could experience what Plumb was going through. Before the race, Plumb sees and feels everything going on around her as her senses are heightened, which provides some insight into the strain which the body of a female athlete is put under in such circumstances.

Ekran AlıntısıPappas serves as a great model for young athletes and feels that it is important to talk about her opinions and encourage other teammates as well. She says that it’s important for her to be happy with what she has become and proud of who she is. She has learned a lot from her role models and hopes to use social media to send a positive message to younger girls and other athletes.

Pappas is a Greek-American, and with her dual citizenship, she has the opportunity to represent Greece at the Olympics. She sees her selection for the Greek team as being a means to inspire as many people as possible. Running for Greece at the Olympics is a great privilege for her, and she will be the first Greek woman to compete in the 10,000 meters at the Olympics this summer.

She is proud to represent Greece and stated that it is an honor to impact the nation where the Olympics first began and to enter the Olympic stadium as a role model for other Greeks.

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