Greek fashion bloggers making a statement

Fashion blogs in Greece have been making an impact on social media by their unique approach which they have to fashion. Although Greece may not be one of the world’s fashion capitals, the younger generations are creating their own trends as are many of Greece’s talented fashion designers. These two blog sites mentioned below have taken to sharing all the latest in up and coming fashion trends in Greece.

captureFani Paravalou began her blog site FA-SSION, once she developed an interest in photography and combined it with her love of fashion. She has a keen interest in styling which she expresses through her blog. She took to blogging while she was studying architecture, but found she had just as many fashion design sketches in her sketchbooks as she did architectural drawings. She hopes that in time to come she could combine the two into one business. She absolutely loves her blog, and so do her readers. You can follow her on .

captureTwo sisters, Claire and Vasia of “Fashion Has It”, have a great blog where they bring readers their unique and fun combination of style, ideas on fashion and the latest new trends. Their blog started off in 2010 as a hobby for the two of them. They kept a personal diary of where they enjoyed shopping and what they did in their free time. They soon started sharing this with others who were interested in fashion as they created their blog. In doing so, they have also been able to get to know other people in the fashion industry. They are still enjoying their fashion journey and all the people who inspire them. Follow Claire and Vasia on .

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