How to choose the right swimwear

While most ladies share a passion for summer, the waves, the sand, the cocktails, oversized sunglasses and hot guys, some women are left worried about braving it in their bathing suits. Regardless of shape and size, all women can look great on the beach, all you need to learn is how to dress for your body shape.

Below we’ve put together some guidelines to help you do just that!

If you’re a koulourgia, then consider yourself extremely lucky, as this body shape is what men lust after. Koulourgia, aka the hourglass figure, describes those girls that have got it all in the right places; a gifted chest, a decent sized bum, and a slender waist together create the perfect silhouette. Given the fact hourglass women are in great proportion, they can wear nearly any time of bikini or swimsuit, although there are some that will show off your assets well.

• If you pick a one piece, make sure it has ruching to show off your waistline.
• For those that opt for a bikini, avoid the triangle shaped tops. They don’t offer enough support for people with endowed chests and result in making your boobs look saggy. Choose a bandeau or halter top instead.

Those with a loukouma, aka apple shape, are slightly rounder and hold weight around the stomach area. Loukouma describes a woman with by smaller hips and shoulders, shapely legs and a nice bum with a circular stomach.

Many options can flatter your curves. Given that your stomach is a problem area, a one piece is the best choice. They allow you to cover your body and let you relax with more confidence.

• If possible pick a suit that has extra support to help smoothen out your stomach area.
• Select a suit with a plunging V line to draw the attention to your breast instead of your belly.
• A tiered, layered or ruched suit can also help disguise your belly easily.

Ouzo Bottle
Ouzo bottle is perhaps the most common body shape for Greek women, aka pear. You were happy when your momma blessed you with big hips and a bum to match. Ouzo bottle shaped ladies are usually slender at the waist and have a smaller chest and carry weight in the bottom. There are lots of bathing suits that direct the attention away from your less favorite body parts.

• Always go for a suit that gives your bum full coverage. Avoid those that make your bum pop out that bit extra! Conceal is the key.
• A tankini is also a promising option as the bottoms or skirts offers full coverage, and it’s a bonus that they cover your stomach too.
• Avoid choosing any swimwear that is patterned, as this only increases the size of your bum.

Now it’s clear on what to wear and how to wear it, we can all go and enjoy summer in our favorite new swimwear that flatters our bodies in all the right places!

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