MONOspace: A platform for young, emerging Greek designers

A range of “made-in-Greece summertime essentials” was featured in an awesome pop-up store in London earlier this year during. As a pop-up store, it was only a temporary fashion outlet which opened in London’s Islington Angel district but was a phenomenal success.

CaptureThe store, which was named ‘MONOspace,’ featured fashion items created by some of Greece’s young, emerging designers and is their fourth effort in promoting Greek talent in the U.K. This series focuses on summer wear, and beachwear in particular.

The mobile store fashion range was started by Marina Bury and Myrta Mitropoulou, both 31years of age who reside in London.

CaptureTheir range features a wide variety of items from handmade leather sandals of different styles by Esiot, to silk scarves by Grecian Chic and vintage accessories by Rainy July. There are also one-of-a-kind handbags made on traditional Cretan looms by the company LOOMhandmade and some cotton, lace and silk pieces made by Ancient Kallos. Greek jewelry pieces crafted from marble are available from Marmarometry brand.

Bury and Mitropoulou have mentioned that red tape is not a problem in London, with many rental agencies available which handle pop-ups exclusively. Mitropoulou says that Londoners adore Greece and are so friendly and open to receiving their products and often want more. For her, the best part of it all is interacting with the customers when they ask questions about the production of the clothing which is featured in MONOspace.

Mitropoulou has found the London clients to be keen to learn more about the products on offer in the store, especially once they hear about the designers and what inspired their creations.

The astounding success of their MONOspace outlet has led these two women to picture creating a showroom which would run parallel to the mobile stores. They also hope to collaborate with well-known outlets such as Dover Street Market, Liberty and Selfridges in London, and Colette in Paris. It would also be a great achievement for them to promote Greek designers in London Fashion Week in future years to come.

CaptureSummer and resort clothing have always been a central feature in the Greek fashion industry and the latest pop-up in Islington focused on items which customers didn’t necessarily have to try on, as the temporary store did not have a dressing room. Bury said their main emphasis was on sandals and cover-ups, as well as jewelry and other beachwear accessories which are easier to sell but still appeal to customers.

There is a lot of work that goes into the selection each MONOspace project so that it can reflect the young designers and labels which have arisen from the ongoing Greek recession.

How many of these designers will make it is uncertain, but MONOspace will continue to support them and provide a platform for foreign clients to get a taste of the young Greek talent, as the fashion industry is considered to be one of the largest sources of income for the local Greek economy.

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