Some fabulous Greek fashion labels

Greek fashion designers are unique, talented artists in the fashion industry, and we take a brief look at a list of some of the most well-loved Greek fashion labels and what they have to offer consumers.


Agora Fab

Agora Fab is… well, fabulous with the latest trendy clothing and accessories at affordable prices, and worth purchasing.

Amicitia brings to life the Boho chic look with its interesting and unique handmade products which are customized and stylish for a relaxed fit.

Cinderella El: The brand’s collections feature handwoven necklaces using a thick fabric cord adorned with flower accessories, which are something different to accessorize your wardrobe.

Coco & Jagger is a unique brand offering limited edition, handmade accessories. Buy one of their pieces and you won’t see many of them around. Their jewelry work includes wire and bead bracelets which give a natural look to a casual outfit.


Cinderella El

DriDri World is a collection of traditional Greek design bracelets, which are the perfect gift to take home or keep as a souvenir. Colorful yarns are used to create bracelets adorned with oversized “protective eyes” and decorated with additional accessories including either a pair of silver or gold wings.

EriDeSign has all the latest trends in their collections, but with a particularly “girly” look, which is their trademark on fashion.

Love Sandals make the most beautiful Greek sandals which are a symbol of our ancient culture, and a great fashion must have in Greece nowadays.

It’s all Greek on Me: The label is making Greek history a trend across the world, this brand is inspired by Greek architecture and our natural fabrics.



Jouly Blink: A designer brand which creates garments for the modern woman. Their collections are filled with colorful and oversized bijou pieces which are eye-catching and vibrant.

PCP: A design label which takes sportswear to a new level by giving a touch of class and a luxury feel. If you want to try a new and different look, then this “sports chic” collection is just what you need.

PLS Fashion: PLS design beautiful pieces for the catwalk. Their collections have a broad range of outfits from kimonos to fringed jackets.

Project: Music – Life – Play: Some unusual fashion items have been created by this brand, including sunglass transformers and watch transformers, to name a few.

Sassy Gal: They are all about gorgeous silhouettes and have a great collection of sexy clothing pieces with a Greek touch.

And those are some of out fabulous top fashion design brands which, if you haven’t checked out, you should treat yourself with a purchase or two from one of these Greek labels.

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