Swing away to Greece with a romantic comedy

The latest American movie to be made in Greece will hit the big screens in the U.S. this coming November. Swing Away takes you to Greece where the main character’s journey of self-discovery begins as she enters her love affair with Greece.

The character, Zoe, is a Greek-American golfer played by Shannon Elizabeth. After a public meltdown, she loses her grip on life and heads back to Greece to visit her family and take some time out before she decides what to do next.

She comes across the work of a famed Greek writer, Nikos Kazantzakis. His philosophy on life is to hope for nothing and also to fear nothing, which she carries inside her throughout the film.


Zoe takes the young golf prodigy, Stella, under her wing

Zoe encounters several individuals as she continues her “personal journey.” Stella is a 10-year-old golf prodigy whom she meets. She takes Stella under her wing, and she is deeply influenced by her.

Numerous talented Greeks have contributed to the film, both behind and in front of the camera. The movie is directed by the Greek-American director, Michael A. Nickles and George Elias Stephanopoulos did a great job of creating and producing it. Two Greek actors, Renos Haralambidis and Manos Gavras play supporting roles.


Shannon Elizabeth on set in Greece

Greece is such an important part of the movie and was shot, edited and post-produced there to bring the story and characters more to life. Swing Away is one of the few non- Greek language movies to be completed in Greece, as filmmakers made the decision to support the creative Greek community.

The film premiered earlier this year in May at the Bentonville Film Festival and had since received some positive feedback from critics.

Swing Away is a film which takes you on a journey of “change, courage, and self-discovery.” Greek-Americans will certainly connect with the message of returning home to find yourself, but it should also appeal to a wider audience as it is screened across the globe.

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