Things to see and do when visiting Los, Greece

Los is the wildest of the Greek Isles concerning its nightlife. It is a well-loved summer vacation hotspot not too far from Santorini, where visitors laze around and enjoy the beaches while they soak up the sun.

The majority of tourists who visit Los are in their early twenties and for them, Los is their summer party island. If there are other things you’d like to do besides partying and spending your days on the beach, well, Los is still a great destination choice. The Eastern side of the island is considerably quieter, with plenty to keep visitors busy. Let’s take a look at what Los has on offer for visitors.


Grab a spot on Mylopotas beach before the crowds hit the sandy, white beaches

Mylopotas Beach: It’s white, sandy beaches make Mylopotas the perfect beach to relax, get a tan, read a good book, or enjoy the water. After midday, the beach can get packed, and visitors hang around to enjoy it in the evenings as well.

The Archeological Museum: This is something for the intellectuals who’d like to learn a bit more about the history of the area. Although the museum does not have that many exhibitions, it is very informative. Be sure to check the opening hours if you plan to visit, as it is not always open.

Homer’s Tomb: This is the burial chamber of the Grecian writer of the Odyssey and the Iliad, Homer. It is believed that his mother was also buried there, and although the tomb is only 30 minutes from the town, one will either need to rent a vehicle or join a tour. The trip has some spectacular views from the cliff tops. If you’re going in a hired vehicle, it’s a good idea to take a packed lunch and stop to enjoy the scenery.

Shopping in the main town: Chora is a fabulous spot to go shopping with a great selection of clothing items and gifts which are far cheaper than the nearby islands of Santorini and Mykonos.

Watersports: For those of you who love the water, there are some beautiful scuba diving and snorkeling options. You can even rent a banana boat or take a trip near the shores of the island. The best place to make your bookings for watersports is from Mylopotas Beach.

Seafood: The harbor in Los has excellent seafood dishes, and you can enjoy some beautiful sunsets while sipping on one of their choice white wines.


Chora village is quieter and great for shopping during the day and socializing at night

Chora Village: Chora is a tiny village which does not have too much going on between its 1,600 inhabitants during the daytime. At night, though, they love to gather around the central square to socialize and enjoy some great music together.

Dancing: Los has an awesome nightlife, and the reason why most visitors come here during the summer. Bars usually get busy around midnight and the parties go on until seven in the morning.

Archeological sites: Skarkos is the only such site on the island, and its well-preserved architectural features date back to the Cycladic period. There are some intriguing collections of ancient utensils carved out of stone, metal and even bone and a selection of pottery and tools.

Exploring in Paleokastro: If you enjoy walking and exploring, Paleokastro is a good choice where you can take a hike up the hill to the ruins of the Byzantine castle which was built in 1397. A small church is also located within the castle walls. From its location on the hilltop, you can experience the most stunning views of the island.

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