U.S. journalists travel to Greek islands to promote tourism

In an attempt to improve on U.S. tourism to the Greek islands of Rhodes and Kos, the National Tourism Organization of New York and Canada along with the Dodecanese Tourism Organization organized a trip for U.S. bloggers and journalists to the islands. They also visited some of the smaller Dodecanese complexes.


The team of U.S. journalists and bloggers who traveled to the islands

The journalists and bloggers were representatives of major circulating print media, several popular websites, and blogs which attract U.S. readers in search of travel information. Greece National Tourism Organization’s Regional Director, Gretta Kamaterou, traveled with the journalists and bloggers on their trip.

Reviews of their travel experience were featured in the following digital and print media publications:, Uptown Magazine, Roosevelt Island Daily, and Lifestyle & Society magazine.


Rhodes Island

The visit to Rhodes took them to some of the smaller surrounding islands of Halki, Symi, and Alimia, during their five-day stay. Here they experienced the “authentic island hospitality, the beauty, culture and gastronomy of the island.”

From Rhodes, they went on to Kos where they took numerous trips to archeological sites and monuments located on the island and also attended a presentation for tourists regarding the ceremony of the Hippocratic Oath at the Asklepion.

Vice Governer of Tourism for the Region of South Aegean said “The US tourism market presents many opportunities and great prospects for our islands”, and that the number of U.S. tourists arriving in Greece increased considerably in the first quarter of this year.


The island of Kos

A significant rise in the U.S. tourist arrivals was recorded on Rhodes during the month of June. A total of 345,996 tourists arrived on charter flights in June 2016, in comparison to only 316,981 tourists the year before. Tourism arrivals were up by as much as 9.15 percent.

The highest increase in tourist arrivals came from Israel, at 59.32 percent and Britain with 22.63 percent. A considerable rise in tourism from Sweden and Russia was also noted.

Although tourist arrivals from the U.S. and these other countries did show an increase, border control figures indicated that arrivals from other nations had declined during the first quarter of 2016 in particular. The countries of Bulgaria, Romania, and Italy saw a drastic decline in their nationals entering Greece. Turkish tourists entering the country also fell by as much as 46.6 percent.

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