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What does Greek-American billionaire say about the state of the Greek economy?

Born in Nisyros, John Catsimatidis made his first million from his grocery business, Gristedes Foods. He was just twenty-four years of age at the time and made the wise decision of also buying the rental premises which he felt would be a stable location for his store to remain.

captureIn addition to his business, Catsimatidis has made several other investments in aviation and energy. He has also had an interest in politics and campaigned for the Republican nomination to become the mayor of New York City in 2013. His family are extensively involved in philanthropic activities and even founded ‘The Catsimatidis Family Foundation.’ They are well-known within the community which they serve and interact.

Catsimatidis hosts ‘The Cats Roundtable,’ which is a radio talk show, each Sunday on WNYM, during which he discusses numerous current topics with his guests.

Upon expressing his thoughts regarding the current economic crisis in Greece, he felt that the people of Greece should not be suffering the way they are today. He insists that the situation needs to be rectified, as Greece is continuously selling off their assets and taking more loans, which in the long run is not a solution.

He seems to think that it would take someone like Donald Trump to deal with all the problems which Greeks have to tackle at the moment. Catsimatidis says that the country needs a person who will stand and declare that enough is enough, a spokesperson for Greece who will be heard by the European community. Furthermore, he insists it is imperative that someone stands up to Germany, and that perhaps Greece should claim independence from the European Union.

When asked what he thought the Greek-American community could do to help, he said that there really is not much which they can do except to “demand that Germany stops preying on Greece.” He feels that the Greeks will be heard if there are enough voices.

captureWhen it comes to finances, Catsimatidis suggests that Greece enters a program whereby they pay back their debts over a period of thirty years instead of five years, as this places a great demand on Greece. Germany could make such an agreement with Greece; this is quite possible.

In general, Catsimidis uses his radio programs to get his point across to people. He does, however, fell that there should still be improvements in education and medicine. In particular, when it comes to things like superbugs. Researchers are struggling to develop antibiotics to kill these microbes and the general public should also be more educated regarding such health issues.

Would he ever want to run for mayor of New York City again? Well, it seems that he is unsure of that at this stage but says that many have been urging him to consider it, so who knows?

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